The Arkannian Saga


Hi and welcome to my page. 


My name is Gia Watson, author of The Chosen One, book one of the Arkannian Saga. You will see books published under Graham Watson, that is me before I began transitioning. Near the end of 2015 I accepted that I was Transgender and began a Male to Female transition.


 The first book is my first attempt at this saga. It is currently available through Iuniverse, and can be ordered through Barnes and Noble, and Kindle. I rewrote the first book - new title Deanna - The Chosen One. The new book 1 of The Arkannian Saga is available on Kindle. Additionaly I wrote a prequel - Titled Deanna - The Beginning which is currently available on Kindle.

The First in a new Saga. Being reworked as you read. Full of action, romance, magic and more. Take a chance and read it today


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